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The Heterosaur

This book was never written nor published.
By Erik Zwysen
  • In this book, the author seeks to restore the reputation of the white, heterosexual man, creator and victim of a macho-patriarchal culture, also known as the heterosaur (homo heterosoriensis). Despite his genocides, feminicides and other mass murders, forcing other peoples into slavery or his own people into flight, his incessant waging of wars and bombing and shooting of civilians, his robbing and exploiting of ordinary workers, his discriminatory laws and behavior toward weaker or less represented groups, his adoration for wealth, property and power and the intimidating moral code by which he terrorizes other citizens, his rapes of women and children, his brutalizing of nature and of animals to extinction, always there are exceptions, ordinary people, heroes, artists and activists, who continue to nurture the hope that a more beautiful and better world with mutual respect is also possible.
  • Zwysen turns his gaze to a dominant segment of society, initially with a culturally pessimistic and generalizing view. This soon proves blinding and frightening, but with the systematic deployment of various filters and in a broader and a more culturally optimistic perspective, a hopeful and nuanced picture slowly emerges of a society in which abuses of power are not only encouraged and endured for a long time, but are also constantly denounced. In the process, every small-scale project and every protest against these abuses functions as a lever for further emancipation of those whose development is stunted by wealth and power, and as a step in the recapture of our convivial society that we should cherish as the common heritage of our ancestors and hand over in viable condition to our descendants.